Kalender mit freien Arbeiten (Gemälde und Drucke)

"No Mac, no Wacom, no client‘s briefing. Just paint, brushes and rock’n’roll. Follow Illustrator Jan Meininghaus when he rediscovers old-fashioned techniques to escape the fast paced world of everyday digital freelance illustration. Large format acrylic paintings, watercolor illustrations and handmade screenprint gigposters for his favorite bands instead of restrictions, corporate meetings and project deadlines. Join in on this adventurous journey, rediscovering the same passion about creating art like it was 1989 - back when it all started for Jan."

KALENDER für das Jahr 2018 nach Fleischwerdung des Herrn

13 Blatt (inkl. cover)

Format: DinA3 Querformat

10,00 €