Babe 9 from Outer Space

The Wormhole-jumping, Jedi-powered Alienqueen-Whisperer of 6 worlds, and smokin' hot like a thousand Supernovas!

Whenever a 23-tentacle-Scrawler or the Phase-F-Blob attacks our planet, a fearless intergalactic Super-Spy arrives to help – known to many Earthlings as Babe 9 from outer space!
This "Out-of-this-world"-illustration was created for King Kerosin back in the day but never was released as far as I know - too bad!

Original illustration, pencil

illustration: Din A3 (42 cm x 30 cm) / 16.5" x 12"
frame: 52 cm x 43 cm / 20.5" x 17"

350,00 €