"Lingerie Lily" Print ON SALE!

"Seductress and Satan alike. The two faces of a woman who knows what she wants - and how to get it"

With eyes as deep as the ocean and curves like Mulholland Drive she will conquer your heart easily, just to crush it afterwards.
Countless brave men lost everything on their sensual way down her tempting valley of passion, realizing too late that it was actually a highway to hell!

The illustration was originally commissioned by TITUS for a limited series of Skate Decks.
Now exclusively available here as a fine art print.
5,- Euro of each sold Print will be donated to the Titus Dittmann Foundation "skate-aid" (http://www.skate-aid.org/)

Size: 42cm x 59cm / 16,5" x 23"
Technique: pencil
Print: Artprint on heavy stock paper,
Signed & numbered, limited to 100

10,00 €