"Pegasus Peggy" Print

"Sweet Bikini Baby, Go Go Go!"

Driven by the immorality of a youth gone wild in 1956 and a raging Rock'n'Roll Beat, this kitten got one desire and one desire only: The need for speed! In life, on the street and in love! A flaming heart can't be extinguished and her's burns as hot as a thousand hellfires!

The illustration was originally commissioned by TITUS for a limited series of Skate Decks.
Now exclusively available here as a fine art print.
5,- Euro of each sold Print will be donated to the Titus Dittmann Foundation "skate-aid" (http://www.skate-aid.org/)

Size: 42cm x 59cm / 16,5" x 23"
Technique: pencil
Print: Artprint on heavy stock paper,
Signed & numbered, limited to 100

10,00 €