"SID" Print - On Sale!

portrait of Sid Vicious

Malcolm McLaren once claimed "if Johnny Rotten is the voice of punk, then Vicious is the attitude." Trivia: "Vicious asked Lemmy, the bassist of Motörhead, to teach him how to play bass with the words, "I can't play bass," to which Lemmy replied "I know." In another interview Lemmy stated, "Yeah. It was all uphill. And he still couldn't play bass when he died."

The original painting was part of my Solo Show "PUNK, ROCK & REBELS" at the SOLD OUT GALLERY in Bochum, Oct. 2014: more here

Size: 59cm x 42cm / 23" x 16,5" Print: Artprint on heavy stock paper, Signed & numbered, limited to 100

9,00 €