Skate Decks, SET of 3

SET of all 3 "Skate Evil"-Decks, incl. 3 large Format Prints and 6 shreddin' Guitar Picks

  • Set of 3 Decks
  • Kamikaze Skate Deck, Old school shape
  • Charger Chick Skate Deck, Old school shape
  • Chopper Chick Skate Deck, Old school shape
  • incl. 3 Guitar Picks - ready to shred
  • Set incl. Poster & 3 Guitar Picks
  • Set incl. Poster & 3 Guitar Picks
  • Set incl. Poster & 3 Guitar Picks

Set 'em up to ride or put 'em on your wall - these decks come with tons of attitude!

  • High quality 100% Canadian maple wood
  • Epoxy resin glue on all decks
  • Limited and signed
  • Including 3 free Prints ("Kamikaze", "Charger Chick", "Chopper Chick" (each Din A1 / 60cm x 84cm)
  • Including 6 guitar picks

"Jan Meininghaus is a renowned illustrator and worked for some top notch clients from the action sports and apparel industry like "TSG", "Tribal Gear", "Titus", "Custo Barcelona", Black Flys", "Sullen", "Iron Fist" and many others. Since he started his artist's carreer in the late 80s with designing rock posters and album artwork for the bands in his hometown he worked in subculture, on comic books, in fashion and entertainment and created art for some of the hardest bands on the planet: Kreator, Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Overkill, etc. Combine this and then put it under the hood of Jan's '67 Mustang to go full throttle on the german Autobahn you'll receive the hardest rockin' skate decks ever."

Choose Deck Style A, B or C in the comment field with your order. In case you don't I will make the choice for you.

149,00 €